1. April Fools!

    Yesterdays post was our april fool’s prank. There will be no 5th Chihuahua. Four Forever! xo

  2. DEPT OF BREAKING NEWS — We’re all really excited and a bit freaked out: As of late last night, we are now officially CINCO chihuahuas! The new little one our Mama adopted is very shy and just settling in… we’ll post pics of her later tonight!

  3. Happy Cesar Chavez’s birthday (with a side of basil). Viva la causa! Viva the workers! 

  4. ~ Your Twig of the Day ~

    This is how I feel about the earthquake we had last night.

  5. We apologize we’re not online as much lately due to cabbages beyond our control 

    xo The Large Eyed Cabbage Nibbler

  6. ~ What Happened In Our Garden This Weekend ~

    We scattered Twiglet seeds in our newly turned soil. Paws crossed for a bountiful harvest! ; )

  7. Happy 1st Day of Spring! ♥ Twig

  8. ~ What Happened In Our Garden This Weekend ~

    Miss Tibby practiced yoga and said “Namaste”!

  9. ~ Your Twig of The Day ~

    On this holiday I like to close my eyes & pretend I’m a Leprechaun. Do I look a little bit Irish to you?

    Happy St. Patty’s Day! ♥

  10. Keep your Pippi whiskers tuned to our Facebook page, because we’re doing another special giveaway tomorrow!

  11. ~ Your Twig Of The Day ~

    My ear is as big as me.

  12. The one day of the year we do not wake like baying wild wolverines an hour before our Mama: Daylight Savings Day ; )


    We love our followers! And we’re excited we’ve reached 4,000 Likes on Facebook - thank you all!

    So to celebrate we’re doing a special giveaway on Facebook of a super cute photo of all four of us (see https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=782798268416407&set=a.382778125085092.102191.206934362669470&type=1&theater).

    We’re giving away FOUR paw-to-graphed copies over the next week!

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  14. ~ Our Large Eyed Pea Nibbler strikes again! Happy Mardi Gras, minus the ‘S’ ; ) ~

  15. We have a very solemn announcement: We have reached 4,001 Likes on our Facebook page. 

    (Yes!!! Wahooooo! Hooray!!!!)

    Thank you, all our FB Followers. Watch for our post announcing our Special Giveaway!